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We Put The Personal In Personal Injury Law

“I used to work for the insurance companies, now I fight for you.”

We Put The Personal In Personal Injury Law

“I used to work for the insurance companies, now I fight for you.”

Cincinnati Truck Accident Lawyer

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Big rigs don’t cause simple fender benders. When a loaded 40-ton truck comes into contact with your vehicle at even low speed, the damage is usually catastrophic.

There are more commercial vehicles registered in the U.S. today than ever before — more than 120 million. These trucks are bigger than ever, and drivers are being asked to put in more miles and more hours than ever before. About 150,000 serious truck-related accidents will occur this year. To meet profit targets they turn our streets and highways into virtual killing zones. That’s not right.

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Larry H. Creach represents people who have suffered enormously from colliding with a commercial truck. Trucks accidents often end in death. Short of death, they result in life-altering injuries such as traumatic brain injury, head wounds, injuries to the spine and spinal column, amputations, burns and internal injuries.

Complex cases require a lawyer who can handle the complexity. Our firm is adept at every stage of truck injury compensation: investigation, presentation and negotiation. Our goal is always the same: to obtain the maximum amount of compensation so you can deal with the medical bills that have piled up, the money you didn’t earn because you couldn’t work, and the pain and suffering you had to deal with.

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Larry H. Creach also handles wrongful death claims when a loved one is killed in an accident leaving a family to fend for itself.

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