Should You Hire A Major Law Firm With Full-page Yellow Pages Ads Or Go With A Capable, Smaller, More Experienced Firm?

At the Law Office of Larry H. Creach, we’re biased, but we think it’s better to work with a lawyer who:

  1. Knows who you are
  2. Has seen your injuries with his own eyes
  3. Can identify the negligence that led to the accident
  4. Knows how the other side thinks
  5. Is totally accountable to you

Larry Creach is the kind of attorney who will meet you where and when is best for you — at his office or at your home or hospital bed. When you call, he answers the phone or gets back to you. He visits and investigates the accident scene, conducts his own research and does the presenting and negotiating.

Our firm represents individuals hurt in crashes with trucks, motorcycles and other cars. We seek compensation for every kind of injury, including severe, catastrophic injuries and those that result in death.

Useful Background Working For Insurance Companies

Larry used to work on the other side, representing insurance companies against injured parties. That work taught Larry a lot: how insurance lawyers think, what’s most important to them and how high they are willing to go.

“Insurance companies want to resolve your case as quickly as possible and as cheaply as possible. The insurance company and its representatives are not your friends and will use any information they can obtain to justify paying you as little money as possible. It is important to level the playing field by obtaining an attorney who knows how the insurance company thinks and values cases. I will use my knowledge of insurance companies to your advantage.” — Larry Creach

The settlements and awards Larry Creach has delivered to car accident victims explain why so many clients tell friends, relatives and colleagues about him. People in Hamilton County, Butler County, Clermont County and Warren County know Larry Creach will come through.

Call Cincinnati, Ohio, personal injury lawyer Larry Creach and put him to work for you. You may contact him by email or by calling 513-401-7932 or toll free 866-481-8015. He will either answer or get right back to you.

On Martin Luther King Drive, close to the University of Cincinnati.