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We Put The Personal In Personal Injury Law

“I used to work for the insurance companies, now I fight for you.”

We Put The Personal In Personal Injury Law

“I used to work for the insurance companies, now I fight for you.”

Cincinnati Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

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People crossing the streets in Cincinnati take their lives in their own hands. Surprising numbers of motorists fail to slow down at crosswalks when pedestrians are making their way across. Some people are afraid to even step into the street. This is despite countless reminders that pedestrians have the right of way in designated crosswalks.

Worse, the most frequent victims of pedestrian accidents are the most vulnerable: older persons, children and the handicapped.

At the Law Office of Larry H. Creach, Esq. LLC, on Martin Luther King Drive near the University of Cincinnati, we represent people who were hit by cars while trying to cross the street or walking down the sidewalk, or close to a construction site. The injuries they suffer are severe: broken bones, lacerations, head and brain injuries, and paralysis.

Too often, people are struck and killed by vehicles exceeding the posted speed limit.

Crosswalk Accidents | Bus Accidents | Slip-And-Fall Accidents

Larry Creach will assist you in filing a claim for damages against the party who hurt you. He files claims against motorists, bicyclists, city vehicles and even other pedestrians. Sometimes pedestrians trip on an icy or broken sidewalk, or are struck by opening doors or falling objects. Larry Creach can file premises liability (slip-and-fall injury) claims in such circumstances.

Our goal for you is to obtain the highest amount of financial compensation possible — to assist you in your healing and to give you a feeling that you fought back and won.

Call Cincinnati, Ohio, pedestrian accident attorney Larry Creach at 513-401-7932, toll free 866-481-8015. Or indicate the extent of your injuries to our lawyer in a brief email.

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