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We Put The Personal In Personal Injury Law

“I used to work for the insurance companies, now I fight for you.”

We Put The Personal In Personal Injury Law

“I used to work for the insurance companies, now I fight for you.”

Cincinnati Bike Accident Attorney

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The Cincinnati metro area is in many ways a bicycle region. People ride bikes to school, to work or for pleasure on bike routes that are the envy of the nation: the Ohio River Trail, the Queen City-South Mill Creek Greenway Trail and the Little Miami Scenic Trail.

But not every ride is pleasurable. Hundreds of serious bicycle accidents occur every year. Most of them involve motorists who are unwilling to share the road. Some involve other bicyclists. Sometime a bicycle injury will occur because there is no bike lane, forcing bicyclists to ride bumper to bumper with cars and trucks.

Top Causes Of Bike Crashes

  1. Motorists not paying attention
  2. Car and truck drivers not respecting bikers’ rights to be on the road
  3. Unsafe road conditions (loose gravel, debris on the road, potholes or uneven road bed)
  4. Bad weather conditions
  5. Poor road/bikeway design

When bicyclists are seriously hurt, they turn to personal injury lawyer Larry H. Creach for compensation. A former insurance company lawyer himself, Larry Creach knows how the other side in these cases thinks — the highest number they are allowed to settle a case. Larry Creach knows how to get to that number and put that cash in your pocket.

Attorney Larry Creach looks at your losses and calculates the maximum amount of plausible damages: every dollar this injury will cost you over time, including medical bills, time lost from work, rehab, medicines, physical therapy, disability, and pain and suffering.

Call Cincinnati, Ohio, bike accident lawyer Larry Creach at 513-401-7932, toll free 866-481-8015. Or indicate the extent of your injuries in a brief email.

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