Law Office Of Larry H. Creach, Esq. LLC

The Cincinnati Yellow Pages is full of personal injury lawyers. But really, how do you choose a good one — one who is honest, who communicates and who won't take more of your settlement than you will?

Start by calling the Law Office of Larry H. Creach, Esq. LLC. Larry Creach focuses on one thing: helping people who have been in serious car crashes get back on their feet. He does this by filing personal injury claims against negligent parties, always seeking the highest compensation for injured individuals.

Many of Larry's clients have been injured severely: paraplegia, traumatic brain injury, loss of vision or road burns from motorcycle collisions. Some are family members of someone killed on the highway.

They come to Larry Creach looking for an effective litigator and are surprised to find a friend of the family, who finds meaning in helping people obtain financial compensation.

Larry Creach knows that the money is important for his clients, to pay for doctor bills, for time away from work, and for pain and suffering resulting from the injury. But just as important is the feeling they get when they fight back against the party that knocked them down — and win that fight.

If you would like to win that fight, learn more by clicking on the profile link below.

Call Cincinnati, Ohio, personal injury attorney Larry Creach at 513-401-7932, toll free 866-481-8015. Or indicate the cause of your injury in a brief email.